Welcome to Empire Global Group of Companies for Worldwide Investments..

Empire Global Group is a group of companies based in UAE, focusing on Unique Investments in UAE, GCC, and even Worldwide.

We make investments along with our partners for our unique projects and create an added value for these projects. As our global partnerships continues to expand, our goals goes from investing in projects to investing in people, in thinking and in human development and in humanitarian needs..
That's why our group continues to expand.
We have years of experience in the market, as we recently decided to restructure this group, leaving the old companies and carrying the long-term experience to make a step-forward to the future..

Empire Global Investment

The main aim of this company is to make investments for the rest of the companies of the group.
It used to cover investments for projects of other companies through partnerships. But now the investments are only for the companies of the group by owning 100% of the projects.

Empire Global Energy

Through local, regional, and international partnerships, Empire Global Energy will take the market lead for the trading in oil, gas, oil derivatives and petrochemical materials. As well as renewable energy.
We are ,through our high-level relations with the European Union, making important contracts with important European countries to supply them with their needs. Helping the growth of their economy through energy suppliment, and supporting their needs for energy for their citizens. A part of our human development strategy.

Empire Global Media

We consider Empire Global Media an added value to the world media, by adding missing elements such as historical, cultural and scientific materials that are missing in our time.

Empire Global Construction

Through our partnership with the leading global construction companies in Europe and Asia, Empire Global Construction will be a market leader in Government construction projects only.
Our focus now is in the GCC Countries only, as we give payment facilities to governments for implementing these projects as a strategy for us because we believe in government partnerships.

Empire Global Technology

Going from eGovernment projects and solutions to security solutions, ePayment solutions, eWallet solutions, central banks solutions, eBanking solutions, and much more.


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