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Empire Global Media is proud to announce the production of the
The Tutankhamun Opera

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AD Services


Empire Global Media is launching soon it's unique platform of AD Services for social media, TV Channels and Newspapers.
The platform is a unique one and based on money-saving and will gather huge amount of viewers and followers for you worldwide.
You will be able to automatically calculate the ROI yourself.

The First Global Exhibition of AI


Empire Global Media is preparing for the First Global Exhibition of AI in UAE. Global companies and authorities worldwide will be invited.
We will pass you more information soon..

Zenobia The Opera


We are proud to announce that Empire Global Media will be the producer of Zenobia Opera as you've never seen it before.
More information will be published soon.

The Epic of Gilgamesh Opera


The Epic that contains too many secrets, conspiracies, and more.
An exceptional author has come to an agreement with Empire Global Media to produce the work!
Wait for the surprises..

Partnerships/Become a Partner

Partnerships are under process in signing with the following:

Government Authorities:
Over 100+ Supporters of Government Authorities worldwide
Semi-Government Authorities:
Over 300+ Supporters of Semi-Government Authorities worldwide
Media Partners:
Over 100+ Media Partners

All will be published soon..

If you'd like to become a partner with EMPIRE GLOBAL MEDIA, and you believe you can have an added value with a partnership with us, then please send us an email explaining your vision/information to the following:


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