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Our HFO with Extra-Low Sulphur

Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO)

We at Empire Global Energy, have made an extraordinary partnership for the most innovative technology in the world to transform the high-sulphur HFO into an extra-low sulpher beyond 1%.
Such an operation usually requires Mega-Refinery to do the job with high cost of Hydrogen Operation.
Our innovative and one-of-its-kind mobile-equipment technology can do the job and with cost-effective.
We don't sell, and we don't rent.. We only share the profit. So you don't have to pay us, we share with you the extra-profit we generate for you.

Waxy Oil before treatment in our technology

The Waxy Crude Oil..

Waxy Crude Oils are thick crude oils with a higher paraffinic content than most crude oils found in North America. These waxy crudes are viscous and have a high pour point, which means they become semi-solid at lower temperatures. The process for refining waxy crudes presents some challenges.
Our innovative and one-of-its-kind technology that processes the Waxy Oil from its origin, making it normal without the need for heating in transportation or storage, makes a new breakthrough in the Oil Technology..

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As a socially responsible corporate, we actively support various community initiatives, such as education and healthcare programs, to help improve the lives of people in the areas where it operates.
Overall, the Empire Global Energy is a dynamic and innovative player in the global energy market, poised for continued success in the years to come.

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